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KEVIN WALKER, Founder & Owner
University of North Texas 2021 - BAAS in Integrated Studies with a Focus in Construction Engineering, Business, & Technical Writing
6 years in construction industry​
3 years in landscaping industry

Ever since I began working in the landscape business, I knew that I wanted to build a company one day that created sustainable, beautiful structures that stood the test of time, regardless of what it was. So, it is my pride and joy to be able to offer fence, deck, and patio construction and refinishing services to the Dallas area that are based around these same principles.


When I started my first lawn mowing company at eleven years old, K&J’s Lawn Services, our motto was: “quality over quantity” and “big things come in small packages”. I still stick by those two mottos to this day because I believe that the only way to achieve real success is by offering services that focus on close customer relationships, not cutting corners, and having an extreme attention to detail. Here at Walker Custom Exteriors, we treat our customers like we would want to be treated so that they will never have any doubt in their mind that they made the right decision spending their money with us. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will choose us for your next home exterior project. 

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